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Our Bread and Butter

This is our most intimate offering…

12 pk

One Time a Week

Ideal for those who are confident doing a few days of training on their own.

  • Secure a Weekly Time
  • $75 a session (+GST)
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36 pk

3 Times a Week

We take care of pretty much everything. Ideal for those who need the extra accountability or have a lot they want to learn…

  • Best Value
  • Secure 3 Weekly Times
  • Pay Just $65 per Session (+GST)
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24 pk

Twice a Week

Ideal for people on a maintenance routine and those who can still do some stuff on their own.

  • Secure 2 Weekly Times
  • $70 a Session (+GST)
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One-On-One Coaching

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**All Packages are Intended for Three Months of Usage**

We prefer to have people commit to at least a 3 month process, which is why we offer packages for 12, 24 and 36 sessions at a time.

In our experience this is the absolute minimum amount of time it takes to show our clientele noticeable and lasting change.

We’re all about teaching people how to fish for themselves though, so preferably we like to work with people for at least 6 months, especially if you’re relatively new to fitness and nutrition.

The less experience you have, the more time we recommend you invest in to develop an appropriate skillset.

Currently we conduct all of our one hour long, one-on-one training sessions, at an exclusive location in Downtown Vancouver.

Not sure yet? 3 Months a little too big a commitment up front?

No problem, come in and try a one-off session, or pay session to session.

The cost for a Single 1 Hour Session = $85 + GST        Buy Now

Please note that people who choose to pay session to session cannot secure a consistent time and must book week-to-week or day-to-day.

We typically conduct 15-20 minute phone or in-person interviews for one-on-one clients only before your first session, so if you’d rather just come in and talk to us, that’s fine too.

Contact us to set up an appointment.